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About us

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We have been growing vegetables on our holding since attaining the Soil Association's Organic Symbol in 1996. From planting just over one acre at first we are now filling about 11 acres each year, with more under green manures. We attempt to grow just about everything that is possible in this climate, from potatoes, carrots, and onions, through to squashes, jerusalem artichokes and various oriental brassicas.

Suppliers & Outlets

Until April 2008 we operated a box scheme, which we had run for over 11 years. We now supply Box Bush Farm's box scheme, attend Bath Farmer's Market every Saturday from 9am until 1pm at Green Park Station, and are in the process of setting up a small farm shop on site.

Lessening Our Impact

As well as managing our farm organically and we are trying our best in other ways to lessen our environmental impact.
Since buying the land we have planted a couple of small copses with native trees, as well as plenty of hedgerow to further break up our fields into smaller plots and provide margins and cover for predators of all sizes to thrive in during the harsh winter months. Unlike most farms around we only cut our hedgerows once every two or three years, and always leave them until late in the winter when all the berries have already been taken.
In 2005 we finally got planning permission to build a house on site. The main feature that we wanted to include in this property was as much solar panelling as possible so that we could provide our own energy, and as it turns out we actually sell back around four times as much as we use to the grid. Pictures of the build can be found here.
We have also switched over to using biodiesel in our vans which produces lower emissions and lessens our reliance on fossil fuels. Read more about biodiesel here.