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House build


May 2005 Update. Finally, loads more pictures from the past three months of work going into the house. The solar roof is fully finished, and we're currently selling a nice lot of electricity back into the grid. The interior is rapidly nearing completion as far as we're taking it for now, in the plans is underfloor heating downstairs to be covered by tiles at some point.

At the moment the services are being fitted, the final fit of electricity should be done soon, the plumbing is currently being worked on, and the sewage is only awaiting a pump to take it up to our septic tank beside the mobile home.


October 2005 update.

A lot of the rooms have now been given a first coat of paint and Rosey has moved in. There is still no heating, we were considering underfloor heating downstairs to take advantage of all the free electricity but it looks like cost will be the deciding factor there. Instead we're trying to get a wood burner fitted in the living room, and may well just go for electric radiators as a backup to keep the house warm. The insulation is very good and after we stuck rags in the few gaping holes missed by the builders the house retains it's heat very well.

October 2006 update.

Oh, I've been slack. Still, I do have some more pictures to put up, once I've sorted the online ordering and updated everything else that needs doing, by which time it will be spring and the planting will have to start again. We'll see.

The wood burner is in and some landscaping has been started outside, there's now a patio under the roof overhang which was lovely towards the end of the summer and a vigourous lawn as well. The kitchen is still basic but functional at the moment and most walls have had a lick of white paint for now.