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Since we started selling our produce through Brockley Stores we've cut back on various lines, plenty of things we've grown over the years have cost us money, but it was worth it to maintain a wide selection of produce.

Now we are finding the time to specialize a bit more, the mixed salad leaves are selling very well so we're putting an extra couple of tunnels into keeping this going better throughout the year, as well as getting hold of some excellent salanova lettuce varieties which produce a mass of small leaves, perfect for mixing with other leaves.

During the summer we'll also be producing an abundance of broad, french and runner beans, as well as peas, mangetout, courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers and sweetcorn, and in the winter we'll switch to a smaller range of leeks, kales and a selection of squash.

We put some of our land back into organic conversion last year, as The community farm at chew magna wanted to buy from us, but the crops they were short of were high risk crops, things like fennel which run to seed if the weather isn't perfect, and we don't need the extra business, especially with the extra costs, so I've decided to drop this again.

We're still growing the same as we have done for the past 18 years, relying on predators, crop covers and natural crop protection products rather than artificial products.

We will however use a little Roundup on a few non-cropping areas in order to tackle perennial weeds, for years bindweed and brambles have gradually worked their way further and further into our tunnels, and there is no natural way of eradicating these from the tunnel edges.

We will also use well rotted manure from our neighbour's cattle, which would be prohibited under organic regulations.